Promise of 5G and Beyond: Challenges, Opportunities and Security Concerns

Oct 8, 2020 - Oct 8, 2020
18:00H - 19:00H
5G introduces new security features, addressing shortcomings and vulnerabilities of previous standards. As the deployment of 5G technology progresses, new challenges appear that we must solve. A large number of connected devices could increase the vulnerabilities of the systems. The changing nature of the core network and its complexity Essential services such as health or education and mission-critical applications make Cybersecurity more relevant than ever.

Is a change in strategy on Cybersecurity and 5G necessary? In this session, Dr. Charles Clancy, Senior Vice President, General Manager, MITER Labs, and Chief Futurist at MITRE Corporation, will address this and other questions about Cybersecurity. The MITRE Corporation, a non-profit organization that advises and develops research and systems engineering in the field of information technology to the US government.

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Charles Clancy
Senior Vice President, General Manager, MITRE Labs, Chief Futurist
Federico Ruiz
Head of the 5G National Observatory
Sergi Figuerola
CITO at i2cat and CTO at 5G Barcelona
Juan Baselga
Director, Marketing Communication Corporate Affairs at MWCapital